Marty Mush Friday Gambling Slate

Woof. It hasn’t been a great two days for myself. The Blazers was the lock of the century but I will garrunte a positive record with this card. YTD Record – 5-9..YIKES.

NBA  – 

Knicks @ Nets -4

The Knicks beat up on a dog shit Hawks team with Tim Hardaway putting up 31 points. The Nets are a weird team to me because they do for sure stink but they have some sneaky good players that ruin the spread for you. Kevin Knox had a rough rookie debut but hell bounce back for this game.

Knicks +4 

Hornets @ Orlando +2.5

To me this seems like a trap and I love falling into them. The Magic somehow beat the heat on Wednesday with 17 people in the crowd. The Hornets fought back and just came up short but Kemba is averaging 41 points a game. This is a Dana B lock so I have to go with it.

Hornets -2.5 

Celtics @ Raptors -3 

This game is going to be the best game of the night. I hate betting on these but I will be watching so I have to. The Celtics looked unstoppable against the 76ers and to be honest being in this office everyday is swaying me for this game. It doesn’t take much for me to be convinced on a win.

Pick Celtics +3


Wild @ Stars -140

When you are on a cold streak you have to adapt. Rear Admiral has been on fire in the NHL and usually I have the most luck on the ice. Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 2.07.58 PMWhen Rear speaks you listen.

Pick – Dallas Stars 

Make sure to tune in all weekend to see if I will be able to pay for my train ticket on Monday.