Marty Mush Tuesday Gambling Slate

HOLD THE PHONE…I went 4-0 yesterday and this is the start to something beautiful. Tonight is light but lets get into it. 11-11 TYD


76ers @ Pistons -1.5

This is screaming at me to take it and I am. Ben Simmons seems like he will be out so everyone will be hammering the Pistons. Embid will be have a day and the 76ers take out the Pistons tonight. Im hot in the NBA so this is easy.

76ers -ML

I will also be taking Under 239 in the Pelicans game. The number is insane. (I also received a dm about this game and it doesn’t take much to convince me.)

MLB – 

Dodgers @ Red Sox -170

I am only taking the Red Sox because I lost three games in a row betting against them so that stops tonight. They will win this series and they will get off to a hot start tonight. Besides the fact of past experience, Chris Sale has been lights out. Getting Kershaw at +150 is a smart bet but I don’t see the Red Sox coming out sluggish in front of their home crowd.

I don’t really like the board in any sport tonight especially the NHL. I probably should take the night off but have no idea what else I would do. Mush to the Moon.