Marty Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate

Yesterday was almost another 3-0 day but the 76ers didn’t feel like helping me out. My YTD record is 13-12, I never thought I would be above .500. Lets hit the gas pedal while I’m hot.


Mavericks @ Hawks +2

This game is going to stink but this is the revenge game for Luka Doncic and he will put the Hawks in his back pocket. This game is going to stink but Ill be watching. I have never thought Trae Young was good, he just chucks up a shot whenever he gets the ball. Lets see what he does tonight.

Pick Mavs -2

TimberWolves @ Raptors -8

This pick makes me uncomfortable so I love it. Andrew Wiggins is a game time decision but I have said this before, the wolves are my favorite team to watch. They have young talent and just likable players. The Raptors on the other hand look unstoppable right now. Them and the Celtics seem to be the favorite in the east but giving 8 points to Minnesota is to much.

Wolves +8


Dodgers @ RedSox -140

I hate this game tonight and I wasn’t planning on betting on it. Seeing the Red Sox wins makes me cringe but after this tweet you have to be crazy not to take the Sox.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.47.43 PM

Pick Sox -140


Panthers @ Islanders -115

I told you I am a big DM guy, I was advised to take the Panthers with a hot tip. I am a sucker for hot tips.

Panthers -105