Marty Mush Friday Gambling Slate

Another 3-1 night to bring me to 19-14 YTD. I need to keep this going into the weekend because this is where it usually goes downhill.


Miami @ Boston College +3.5

There is only one thing you need to know about this game. It is the Red bandana game and Boston College will not lose. Everyone knows about the Red Bandana and in the past BC has had some huge wins. Its a special night in Boston.

Pick – Boston College +3.5 


Clippers @ Houston -4

The Rockets have been struggling thus far but tonight they get Chris Paul back. The Rockets coming back home and since the Clippers have already beat the Rockets this is a no brainer.

Pick - Houston -4 


RedSox @ Dodgers -155

Again I wanted to stay away from this game but the Red Sox have so much momentum. The Dodgers haven’t stood a chance all series, Even when they were up, you still had that feeling the Sox were going to win. The Dodgers heavy power hitting lefties are happy Porcello will be on the mound but I still think you cant pass them up being underdogs.

Pick – Red Sox +140 

Get on the mush train, Im seeing the board like a bastard.