Lane Kiffin Got Friday Classes Cancelled So FAU Students Can Tailgate For Tonight's Game

Boca Lane….at it again!!!

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 1.31.49 PM

FAU has a game tonight at 6:30 against Louisiana Tech. The Lane Train hasn’t been moving smoothly the past few weeks, as FAU sits 3-4 on the season. Boca Lane needed to rally the troops somehow, so he decided to call up the president of FAU and cancelled classes. BOCA LANE!


I’m surprised there is even classes at FAU on Friday. FAU strikes me as a school that kids take classes Monday-Thursday, so they can have a 3 day weekend, every weekend.

Taking a college class on a Friday that starts after 2 PM has to be one of the worst experiences a college student can have. It’s like playing at Northwestern at Noon on a November Saturday. It’s lonely. It’s sad. It’s dark. Everyone is having fun, but you. And a hard nosed defense (your teacher) is coming for your ass.

P.s. I hope Lane Kiffin stays in Boca forever: