Lock Of The Century: Its Nevada Day

I have received intel that today is Nevada day. Take a quick look at the score last year of the Knights game on this day.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 2.24.12 PM

On this day last year the Knight absolutely killed the Avalanche. Nevada day is a big deal and thats not all. The Lightning have been in town for two days now and there have been reports the players are partying their faces off into the early hours of today. These are the things everyone needs to know because it is a no brainer to take this bet. History prevails and the game is also at 3pm in Vegas. Thats a tough turnaround to play hungover that early in the day.

All the right signs are pointing towards the Knights. History repeats itself and I mean they are 1-0 all time on this day. I don’t want people missing out on this lock, I have put the max bet on this and not even a mush can ruin it. Vegas ruins people and adding the double whammy of Nevada day is the best news I have heard in forever. I will take full responsibility if this loses but I couldn’t be more confident.I do expect some praise on twitter for bringing this to your attention.