How Bad Are Things At Florida State? Fans Are Now Reading Books In The Stands In The Middle Of The Game

As FSU trailed 52-3 in the third quarter, this Florida Man decided that reading a book is more entertaining than watching his Seminoles. What book was he reading, you ask?

Dark Places is by Gillian Flynn. The book is described as “a mystery novel by Gillian Flynn published in 2009. The novel deals with class issues in rural America, intense poverty and the Satanic cult hysteria that swept the United States in the 1980s.” Satanic cult hysteria, you say? Sounds a little something like Florida State football if you ask me.

Florida State ended up losing 59-10. They move to 4-4 on the season. Not the ideal start that Willie Taggart wanted.

At least book guy had a smile on his face by the end of it:

I love this guy. He seems to have life figured out. Sitting by himself, no shirt on, just enjoying life in Florida. That’s what retirement is all about.