Bobby Petrino Pulled Matt Colburn's Scholarship In 2015, Today Colburn Ran for 243 Yards & 3 TDs On Him


Back in 2015, 48 hours before National Signing Day, Bobby Petrino essentially pulled Matt Colburn’s scholarship.

South Carolina high school running back Matt Colburn made national news when he and his high school coach claimed his 2015 Louisville scholarship offer was pulled right before National Signing Day, after nearly a year of commitment.

In its place, Louisville offered Colburn a grayshirt. Colburn balked and signed with Wake Forest.

Matt Colburn ended up signing with Wake Forest. Bobby Petrino wasn’t the first coach to pull a scholarship like this, unfortunately, it’s a reality, but it’s still a scummy move.

Today, Matt Colburn took on Bobby Petrino’s Louisville Cardinals and took em for a SPIN:

On one of his TD runs, he threw up the L to the Louisville fans:

Louisville moves to 2-6. Their next four games: @ Clemson, @ Syracuse, NC State, Kentucky. Bobby Petrino is looking at a 2-10 season. No difference to him. He has a $14,000,000 buyout. Win-win. Unless there is a motorcycle involved.