Andy Reid Hates Gambling And A Real Investigation Needs To Be Done

This fucking bastard decided to Punt the ball in field goal range for the second straight week. If he kicks the field goal the Over and the spread hits. He has to know the spread and he’s just laughing at all of us. You play this situation out in your head the entire drive. Its going just like you planned but then you see the punter running out there and you start to weep.

I understand the punt makes sense but winning that bet makes sense too. I will be filing a report to the NFL because he has to be throwing these games. Also don’t forget that Harrison dog shit Butker missed a extra point that would have made the over hit. The amount of missed extra points this year that have made a huge impact on the spread is insane.  It’s something new every week but this is infuriating that it’s Andy Reid again. I just want to sit down with him and ask him if he understands what he is doing to the world.

I am disgusted by this mustache rat of a coach. The kick would have taken up time and there was no way the Broncos would score a touchdown after. Now you have to scramble and chase that loss with the 4 o’clock games. From gamblers everywhere…fuck you.