Todd Gurley Doesn't Care About The Spread

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 11.16.39 AMI was on the right side of this mess but for anyone that had the Rams, I am here for you. Ive been through it too many times and it just hurts. Seeing how much open field he had and to see him just stop in his tracks was demoralizing.

After a loss like that you just want to curse Gurley and forget about. Then he goes on the twitter machine and just rubs it in your face. He doesn’t give a fuck about the spread and the fact that he made it known hurts 10x more. It’s not even about the spread, the fact that he wasn’t selfish and wanted to pad his own stats is outrageous. He wasn’t instructed to do that, he just went down on his own. Yes, I understand it was a smart play to give himself up but who in their right mind thinks of that with all of that space in front of them.

After hearing Gurley speak on the spread in his post game interview, I am now convinced that all of these bastards know what they are doing to us gamblers at home. We can work together, I don’t understand why you have to hurt us every week. We are good people just let us know before hand and we can all be happy.

To add insult to injury here is a video of him not giving a fuck as well. You can really tell that he didn’t care and for me I appreciate him not caring because the Packers were a lock.