Marty Mush Monday Gambling Slate

Dating back to Friday my YTD is now 20-16. This weekend was full of bad beats but tonight is just too easy. There has been so many sports on that gambling is exhausting.


Patriots @ Bills +14 

This seems way to easy of a bet. The Bills quarterback is Derek Anderson, this man put up 5 points in an NFL game last week. The Defense almost outscored him which is very hard to do. Gronk confirmed that he will be playing tonight and McCoy has also confirmed. LeSean McCoy is having his worst year yet and they cant do anything to get him going. You have to be a legit crazy person to put money on the Bills tonight.

Pick Patriots -14 


Blazers @ Pacers -4

The Blazers are coming off a tough loss to the Heat but had a day to recover. Damian Lillard is playing out of his mind these first 5 games and he will continue to do so tonight. The only player on the Pacers that will give the Blazers a problem is Myles Turner. Victor Oladipo will be contained by Lillard and McCollum will take care of business as well.

Pick Blazers +4 

Raptors @ Bucks +2

This is the battle between two undefeated teams. I enjoy betting on the Bucks because the greek freak is unbelievable to watch. I haven’t been a Raptors believer but they haven’t had a close game yet. Them getting points only means one thing.

Pick Raptors ML 

It’s a light night tonight but put the mortgage on the Patriots. They may win by 30 tonight, just an absolute blood bath.