First College Football Playoff Rankings Released......Ready. Set. DEBATE.

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I agree with this top 6. Maybe Georgia is a little high? Kentucky’s resume is similar to theirs, but they do have a “better” loss (@ LSU vs. @ Texas A&M).

Notre Dame seems to be in if they win out, which we all speculated.

LSU-Alabama winner will most likely play Georgia (or Kentucky). Unless chaos happens, I see only one team getting in from the SEC.

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Washington State!!!!! Makes sense. The Pac-12 isn’t dead yet.

If Oklahoma and Ohio State win out, they’ll have a great chance to sneak in. They’ll need some help, but the chances are high.

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UCF fans should be happy with their #12 ranking. Their best win is against Pittsburgh. PITTSBURGH!

Out of these 5 teams the only team I only West Virginia sneaking in. They have the best shot to win their conference with one loss (discounting UCF, of course).

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Good for Syracuse. I hate Jim Boeheim, but I love Dino Babers.

None of these teams will sneak into the playoff.

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Couldn’t tell you why NC State is at 21.

Boston College is most likely Clemson’s toughest test left.

It’s a shame we don’t have a G5 playoff. I’d love to see Fresno State & UCF go at it.