Topic Of Conversation Today: How Do You Think You'll Die?

I sat down this morning and popped a question to my co-workers: how do you think you’ll croke when the time comes? This question went off the rails and heres how I think some people in this office may go.

Me –  There is no question about it, I will die some weird way or by accident. It won’t be your typical way like a heart attack or just old age. If I did make it to old age I would have that old home bumping and running that shit. Thats besides the point , I always believed that the way I go, will be during a shooting. I won’t be the main target though, Ill be listening to the ‘A Star Is Born’ soundtrack minding my own business and I’ll get hit by a ricochet shot. A more realistic death I would have, I would be doing a good deed like trying to save someones life. It would be in the newspapers, MUSH SAVES THE DAY and then I would get some disease from the person I saved and die a slow death. Thats just how the mush works.

Jared Carrabis – He can die now, he would be okay with it. He lived out everyone’s dream yesterday but if he were to die, it would just be from watching too many documentaries and screaming at the Red Sox.

YP – The easy answer would be some wild animal taking him down, but the man is nature so that can’t happen. It might just be an inside job of someone in the office taking stool scenes over the top.

Riggs – I feel like that bounty on his head of someone running him over with a golf cart will come back to him at one point. I don’t wish that on him but thats the only way I see it happening.

PFT – This is the one person in the office that won’t die. He is the only one that will outlive my bird. Eric is already dead so PFT lives on forever.

Feitleberg – Just for having jeans on when he hangs out at home is going to haunt him. One day someone will invite him out last minute and it will lead to something tough. You just cant be laying on the couch with jeans.

This took off fast in the office and there were to many answers to keep track of. Tommy Smokes said his time will come in 2090 when he is 93 years old before the month of April. He also said he will get a couple of diseases along the way but nothing major. Very specific but I love it. I need to do some more investing to see how the rest of this office will go down.

Everyones thinking it, Im just putting it out in the universe. . I will have a follow up blog soon with everyone answers but what a way to start the morning off.