Marty Mush Thursday Gambling Slate

My YTD record is now 26-20 and it was brought to my attention today that I forgot to write my units. I told you I am not good with numbers so hopefully I happens this time.


Thunder @ Hornets -1.5

The Thunder started the season off on a four game losing streak but recently got back on track with 2 straight wins. Paul George is playing like himself and Westbrook will always play of his mind. I think the Thunder are rolling and the Hornets won’t be able to stop them. Westbrook will be all over Kemba and Tony Parker won’t be able to keep up.

Pick Thunder ML at even money 

Nuggets @ Cavs -4.5

This game doesn’t make any sense to me. The Cavs are in shambles, their coach has been fired, JR Smith want to be trade oh and they stink. The Nuggets are one of the hottest teams in the NBA. Kevin Love is OUT tonight which leads me to absolutely hammering the Nuggets.

Nuggets -4.5  3.3units to win 3 


Capitals @ Candiens +120

I have been watching to many Candiens games and they have been doing pretty well. I just don’t think they are that good of a team. They won’t be able to handle the Caps tonight and I think the Caps win by 2 goals. Maybe a nice empty netter to get the degenerates happy.

Capitals -120

This seems to be such an easy night with these 3 picks. The Nuggets should take us all to the promise land. I am playing the max bet on that game so hopefully I can make it to work tomorrow.


Raiders @ 49ers -2.5

No one wants to watch this game besides me. Its like our own little MACtion game in the NFL. I cant trust Nick Mullens tonight and I think I am addicted to betting on the Raiders. Doug Martin will have himself a nice game tonight and I think Jordy Nelson gets in the mix.

Pick Raiders ML