Was The Greek Freak Trying To Fuck With The Spread Last Night?

Last night Giannis Antetokounmpo had some questionable decisions late in the game. For anyone that had the Celtics -2.5 they were shitting there pants the last minute of the game. The Bucks were down 3 with 5 seconds left in the game, The greek freak decided to go for a layup instead of shooting a three to tie it. He was fouled and ended up missing one of the free throws, the Bucks lose by 4 and I smell something fishy.

This shot had people worried, if he hit this Milwaukee covers the spread. Of course he missed because he had his hand in the spread. Let me explain something, I don’t care if the play before this when he shot a two pointer was a “smart play” because why wouldn’t you go for the tie. A lot of people are saying he did this because they had a time out to spare and see if the Celtics would miss free throws on the other end. Fuck that, there is 4 seconds left, even if this worked out perfectly they wouldn’t have time to set up a play for two. Also Giannis isn’t the best free throw shooter so him getting fouled put more pressure on the Bucks. Maybe its not just him because Bledsoe did the same thing with 15 seconds left.

All I am trying to get at is he wanted to tamper with this spread. His actions just did not make sense one bit. The best chance he had was to tie it with a three but he took it upon himself to try and cover the spread. I had no team in this, I didn’t even bet on the game. I know degenerates out there depended on this game and I just want a clean fight. None of this nonsense going on to end the game. This is like saying Todd Gurley did the right thing by just falling down. If you are tampering with the spread at least let us know before hand.