ESPN Gets Down On Two Knees On Live TV And Asks For Forgiveness From Greg Sankey And The SEC

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WARNING: This is the saddest story you will read today.

Earlier today, political commentator James Carville went on a historic rant about the SEC and Greg Sankey:

This was all over Devin White being suspended for the first half of LSU’s game against Alabama tonight, due to this hit:

ESPN, once the bullies of the media world, had to issue an apology for James Carville’s (who doesn’t work for E***) comments:

This is disgusting. You hate to see a once powerful network resort to begging for forgiveness from your daddy (the SEC) on live TV like this. It’s like watching Muhammad Ali in his last fight. Just not the same. You want to imagine the Ali against Frazier, not against Larry Holmes.

The funniest part of this statement is when the anchor says “diverse opinions are encouraged” at E***. I laughed at that one. I love when the folks from Bristol joke around!