Barstool Sports Advisors Sunday Recap

It was a rough Sunday for everyone on the show. They have been giving away to much free money, everyone came down to earth this week.

Big Cat (1-5)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 10.51.45 AM

This is something you hate to see, a 1-5 week can hurt the confidence. A consensus game is the biggest problem on the show. Everyone was on the Redskins and it was a bloodbath. The Skins had no chance in this game as the Falcons offense was to much to handle. His one win was a battle but the Saints came out and put on a show against the Rams. Even though I loved Big Cats Electric Mortal lock, the Chargers over didn’t work out. It was a rough week but Big cat always bounces back.

Dave Portnoy ( 3-3)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 11.20.14 AM

Dave had the best record on the show. Most people would be happy with going .500 but I would rather lose money then break even. It’s like tying in sports, you played for no reason. Going through all of that stress just isn’t worth not winning or losing money. His mortal lock was a heartbreaker as Brandon McManus missed two field goals including one to lose the game. Dave is now 1-1 when he rides Tommy on national t.v.

Stu – (2-3)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 11.41.30 AM

Stu is still making an incredible comeback from his 1-9 flu. So Stu had a crazy mortal lock of the Browns. I know his motto is bet what makes you uncomfortable but the Browns are in shambles and Mahomes keep proving how good he really is. He was also woke on the Paul Allen tribute game because he was the only one on the Chargers. He was slandered on the show for this pick but came out on top.

YTD Records –

Dave – 78-57-4 (Includes After show)

Big Cat – 71-69-4 (Includes After show)

Stu – 22-27

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