Kansas Coach David Beaty Will Coach Rest Of Season Even Though He Was Fired On Sunday


Kansas football has been a mess since Mark Mangino left. They’ve lost to G5 team. They’ve lost to FCS teams. In their last 93 games, they’ve gone 15-78. Not. Great.

On Sunday, after a 27-3 loss to Iowa State the day prior, Kansas fired David Beaty:

The weird part is that David Beaty will be coaching the rest of the season for Kansas. Maybe it’s financial? Who knows. This sounds like a scene straight out of Seinfeld. David Bety is George Costanza. He was so bad at his job that he is getting paid not to do it, but still forced to come in for the next month or so. It’s a combination of Kramer showing for a job he doesn’t have:

And Costanza showing up for a job after he was fired:

Kansas is now on the market looking for a new coach. Rumor has it that The Mad Hatter is at the top of their list:

David Beaty’s greatest moment was beating Texas and giving us ‘Kansas beat Texas’ memes for a year. His second greatest moment? Crootin on a Hover Board: