Don't Show PETA This Video Of Mike Leach Expressing His Love For Live Mascots

I HIGHLY suggest watching this video in its entirety, but for those of you who can’t listen, here are the highlights:

“There mascot is just outstanding. Them and Mike The Tiger are the best.” 

Leach, as usual, isn’t wrong:

tenor (1)

Not that he isn’t ready for it, but Leach may get some blowback for his comment about Mike The Tiger, which PETA is not a fan of:

“Then it’s got the handlers, no they are not pulling that buffalo, that buffalo is pulling them…….that buffalo goes pretty much where he wants….the notion that 8 people are going to pull a full adult buffalo, that will never happen. “

Again, Mike Leach isn’t wrong:

giphy (2)

“I grew up in the west, I mean what can you say? Buffalo? That’s one to argue with, unless you have a live grizzly bear.” 

Oh man. A live grizzly bear on the sidelines? Stop giving me hope, Mike Leach! I’ve always said G5 and FCS teams need to embrace wild promotions to increase attendance. If you are the Montana Grizzlies, why not get a live grizzly bear?!

Later in this press conference, Leach went on a random rant about technology:

SOURCE-“When the TV doesn’t work for some reason, whether it’s got to be rebooted, or something involved with the remote that’s complex other than ‘on, and off, and forward, and back,’ I hate that,” Leach said. “Anything related to technology where it automatically doesn’t work, that drives me crazy.” 

The image of Mike Leach trying to watch a documentary on the History Channel but his TV failing him brings a smile to my face.