Marty Mush Tuesday Gambling Slate

I am at an incredible 35-26 YTD and you better get on the Mush train. College basketball is going to be electric tonight so all of my focus will be on it.


Duke Vs Kentucky -2

This is the best game of the night, the line is set perfectly. They are two even teams but Duke will win this game by 8 points. Eight points each because I don’t think Kentucky will be able to handle Cam Reddish. The only thing I am worried about it Kentuckys depth. The only way Duke loses this game is if they get into foul trouble. I think they keep it under control and win this game.

Duke ML

Michigan St Vs Kansas -4.5

I think this is an easy bet. Mitch Lightfoot left me bad memories on some bets last year but I still like them here. Michigan St. is a tournament team but I think they get off to a rough start this game and don’t ever make a real comeback. I hate Kansas as a school but they match up way to well tonight.

Kansas -4.5

Extra –

Temple -8

Seton Hall -16

UNC -11


Wizards @ Mavericks +1.5

I am putting the house on this game. The Wizards get Dwight Howard back tonight but John Wall is about to go off tonight. The Mavericks are on a skid as they come off to a bad loss against the Knicks. The Wizards are about to go on a run and it starts tonight.

Wizards ML

We are getting into dangerous territory as the amount of bets and money goes way up. Lets keep this winning streak up tonight and Duke.