Did Duke Win The Championship Already?

I went into this game confident about winning but this is just embarrassing for Kentucky. You forget they are ranked 2 in the country. It almost looked like an exhibition game, Kentucky’s guards were getting pushed around the court play in and play out.

This was early in the game where Zion didn’t even get going yet. RJ Barrett is an absolute beast dropping 32 in his first game and Zion only missed two shots all game.

Let me tell you about something with this team. People are already saying how they played a perfect game and won’t be this good all the time. Maybe not 118 every night but Tre Jones didn’t have his best game at all. Shot 2-7 for the night and didn’t need to do much more as he was feeding the hot hand and had 7 assists. Thats not the best stat though, he had zero turnovers all game and if they have a ball handler who can dish it to those three and limit turnovers, I really don’t see a way they can lose. I haven’t been this excited about a team in my life. Everyone will be talking about the obvious great players last night but Duke has great Key players this year.

Jack White came off the bench who had a huge impact with almost putting up a double-double. I know it is the first game but the chemistry with this team and how their bench players came out…they are unstoppable. We cant forget about Marques Bolden. I have slandered that mans name for two years now but he came out and played just how he needed too. Played very good defense and it actually looked like he wanted to be out there. Alex O’Connell played garbage time but he will have an impact on this team coming off the bench and shooting the lights out. The depth is tremendous and its something they haven’t had in the past years.

The only problem they run into now is being compared to past teams and the target on their back. I don’t believe it will be a problem because they have been dealing with this for their whole life. I think they know how to handle themselves throughout this time and I couldn’t be more excited for this team. The best part about them is that if someone isn’t hitting shots, they have so many more people to step up. Just having Zion in the paint on defense, his presence is known and people are afraid to drive the hoop. Refer back to this blog when they win the championship.