Marty Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 38-27-2 and you better start tailing me. I am seeing the board like nobody else. Lets get into it.


Thunder @ Cavs +6

The Thunder are on a hot streak of 5 wins in a row. The Cavs might be the worst team I have ever seen play. They are getting blown out by bad teams and the Thunder win by 10. Thats all that needs to be said.

Thunder -6

Pistons @ Magic +3

The Magic have one two in a row but I can never put my money on them. I think the Pistons match up very well, Blake Griffin will take care of Aaron Gordon. I also cant believe DJ Augustin is in a starting lineup. That man stinks. The Pistons have an easy win here.

Pistons -3


Spurs ML


Ohio @ Miami (OH) +4.5

Miami Ohio is struggling this year and have a laundry list of injuries. A lot on the defensive side and I was told this in the dm so this is the sole reason I am taking Ohio. I do have to tell you I am confused as shit with this Ohio Miami shit.

Pick Ohio -4.5

College Basketball –

Ohio State @ Cincinnati -4.5

I think Ohio State is over valued here. They lost a lot of players and Cincy is always a great basketball team as they are this year. They had the second best defense dating to last year and added more talent for their system. I love Cincinnati here.

Cincy -4.5

Extra –

Dayton -13

Bucknell +9

I took a lot of favorites tonight but it’s a tough night here. I have been hot so everything will be in my favor. Lets get this money.