We All Don't Deserve The MACTION

I get more and more impressed after every MAC game. I have never seen so many bad special teams plays and just overall bad teams. I’m not knocking them though it is more entertaining to watch the MAC then it is to watch the Cardinals vs 49ers.

Where did this Toledo punter actually think this ball was going to go. It almost looks like he intentionally runs right up to the defender and kicks it straight into his hands. It’s a delight to watch because these plays come in handy when you have the over. Unfortunately this game, Toledo didn’t feel like scoring on their last possession and people were upset about it. Dave already blogged his reaction and he is completely right. In what world do you not want to pad the stats and score a touchdown, they didn’t even look like they wanted to score on the last possession. You almost can’t complain though because thats just the MACtion.

Another Mac game, another disaster on special teams. This is why you can’t get mad because this helped the over as well. You cant make this shit up though, its pure entertainment and I love the crowd even more. There isn’t many people there but they go all out for these games. Brace yourselves for two days because we don’t have any MAC until Saturday. I will guarantee we get more plays like this and it just brings a smile to your face, From every football fan around, we say thank you to the MAC. Our Tuesdays and Wednesdays are fantastic because of you.