Duke Respects the Troops As They Beat Army Graciously

Coach K facing off against the only other team he has coached in college basketball and obviously took it easy on Army because of Veterans Day. Duke is a classy organization and would never run up the score on them. The only disrespect they had was this block Zion Williamson had.

He is just a cheat code, its a man against boys. His knees were at the guards head when he blocked this and I don’t see how this team can lose a game. I understand this is Army and they aren’t very good but the amount of options they have is absurd. Nobody can drive the lane on them unless you want to get embarrassed like this guy.

Duke started this game off a little sluggish and couldn’t hit a three to save their lives. Zion finished with 27 points and 16 rebounds, Reddish with 25 and Barrett with 23 points. Bolden put up a goose egg and Tre Jones is a great facilitator and dishing the ball to theses guys. Everyone picks each other up and we move onto Eastern Michigan on Wednesday. Shout out to the troops and thank you for your service on this Veterans Day. Thank you to Coach K for his service and always respecting the troops. They would never cover the spread of 38.5 on a day like today and every other team should take notes on this team. Some things are bigger than sports (Shout out Rico Bosco) and Duke keeps rolling. Go Duke.

Final Score: Army – 72 Duke- 94