Marty Mush Tuesday Gambling Slate

With a good night last night, my YTD record is 46-37-3. We have a small slate tonight as I don’t like many of the games. The smart move would to take the night off but what else would I do tonight.


Hawks @ Warriors -12

Warriors had a tough game last night losing to the Clippers in Overtime. I wanted to yell at Draymond just like Durant did last night because he should have no business with the ball in a tie game. With that being said they are going to come out hot tonight and wipe the floor with the Hawks. The Hawks a terrible team and stand no chance tonight.

Pick Warriors -12 

Extras – Charlotte -8


Wisconsin @ Xavier (Even).

I expect Ethan Happ to make a huge impact on todays game. I feel like he’s been there for 10 years but watch out for him tonight. Xavier is 2-0 on the year but haven’t been impressive at all. This is their first test as they only beat Evansville by 6 points. That right there should tell you who to take tonight. Also Xavier has not covered the spread in their two wins.

Pick Wisconsin ML 


Western Michigan @ Ball State +8.5

This is solely off of watching Ball State two weeks ago and they were the worst football teams I have ever watched. Thats what you get with the MAC, and I couldn’t be more excited to watch. I believe the rushing game of of Bellamy will break down Ball State and they won’t be able to recover. Only thing I am worried about is that they have not covered the spread in a long time. They are 1-7 in their last 7 MAC games but that will won’t happen tonight.

Pick Western Michigan -8.5 

Todays slate isn’t the best but I still feel good about these games. I am on a god damn roll so ride with the Mush. We need to stick together to keep the mush part away.