Cab Drivers Are Upset With My Tweet About Uber

Out of all of my friends I am always the one who gets put in the front seat of a cab or uber. I certainly would rather talk to a stranger than my friends anyway so I think of different ways to get these guys really riled up. For some odd reason my go to move is to say I am a professional cricket player. I have a whole back story that I go through and my name is Marty Backwards. I can hit the ball backwards at anytime and I was a crowd favorite. They usually love it but when I get into Cabs they really get heated. It either leads to a long term friendship or getting banned from uber. Lately my new move is to piss them off about Uber running people out of business and how Uber has no insurance and point out all of the negatives. One guy I thought was going to never drop me off because he had a laundry list of things wrong with Uber.

This tweet has caused me to get into a weird place where Cab drivers are yelling at me.

I have to give it to this guy, calling me a nitwit and a knucklehead is amazing. I took a look at this guys profile and it just says #UbervsRegulation. He has been fighting this fight for a long time and I respect it. Im getting into Taxi twitter and it is a very weird place. For now it will be Mush against cab drivers and I’m here for it. My brain is good for some things I guess.