The Degenerates Beat Vegas!

Source:   In October, local gamblers showed they’re getting the hang of this whole sports wagering thing. Because while total handle for the state rose to a record $260.7 million during the second month of football season, up from $186 million in September, the gross revenue generated by the sports books made dropped precipitously. 

This is great for us gamblers but everyone should know what is coming next. When you get hot it comes crashing down 10 times harder. People don’t understand gambling brains.When you are hot, in your mind there is no stopping us. You start walking around town just telling everybody your picks like they are sure winners and then quick sand happens.

Sports books went from making 2.1 million to only 600,000. That only happens when I tried to run my own gambling ring and I was run out of business fast. For anyone doing that, be careful because I ended up mowing this old ladies lawn for several months to make it back. All in all degenerates are still put in a bad light as we are putting people out of business. When we lose everyone will say go to a meeting. Leave us alone and let us scream shit at our tvs. It is a great lifestyle and the gambling community will stick together and try and take down Vegas together.