Another Long Weekend Of Gambling

It is getting out of hand what these coaches and players are up to. Week in and week out we are getting fucked out of money and it isn’t funny anymore. I need to get in touch with the line maker and really give him a piece of my mind.

Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears

Lets start with this bastard Ron Rivera. You are a better team than the Lions, you tie that game and bring it to over time and win. It is that simple believe in your team that has been doing pretty well all year to put the game in the bag. This moron decides to go for it and not just lose the game for his team lose it for everyone that had them -4 as well.

Next is Philadelphia as a whole, how do you look at yourself in the mirror and be proud that you are from there. They are dead and Carson Wentz may stink. How do you only score 7 points all game and not help the over. This was a type of game where you think there is no way you can lose, then it settles in that you are absolutely fucked.

Another problem I feel like people are running into is that there are so many other things to bet on during football. College Basketball has been good to me thus far but for some reason Sunday hurt. I unfortunately keep betting against Taco Fall and UCF. You would think I would learn but I keep falling into these traps. If I were smart I should put myself in timeout and give myself the week off. You just can’t because Thanksgiving not trying to show that you are a degenerate in front of your family is the best part. When Aunt Carol is asking why you are cheering for the lions when they are up 30 points is Thanksgiving tradition.