Marty Mush Tuesday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 57-48-3 and had a pretty good night from my picks but I am a moron and took way more game than I should have. Lets have ourselves a day here.


Toronto -6.5 @ Orlando

The Raptors are electric. They just beat up on the shitty Bulls and the Magic are somehow on a 3 game winning streak. I just think this a game they get absolutely blown out by the Raptors. Aaron Gordon will be a slight problem but they will be able  to handle Vucevic easily. Lowry struggled with 8 points last game so he will easily drop 25 points.

Pick  Toronto -6.5 


Auburn @ Duke -11

I can’t tell you enough times to keep betting on this team. This is another easy winner. Yesterday they played shitty in the 1st half but they have so many weapons that if someone is playing bad, another person steps right up. RJ Barrett started out slow so Tre Jones picked up the slack and it looked like he couldn’t miss. Auburn is not a great team and being ranked #9 is a fluke.

Pick Duke -11

MD – Eastern @ Mercer -15

I hate Mercer for beating Duke in the tournament but they are actually an okay team. This pick is solely from me being a degenerate and I have seen MD Eastern play and they are one of the worst teams I have ever seen.

Mercer -15 

Extras –

JMU -9