CFP Rankings Released....UCF Jumps Ohio State


The big story here is UCF jumping Ohio State. My guess is this is all for publicity. If Ohio State beats Michigan they will jump UCF. The bigger question is how would Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Washington State playout if they all win out?! Does Oklahoma get in?! Or Ohio State? Washington State would need an OSU loss to Northwestern and Oklahoma loss to WVU or Texas for them to get in

is there any chance UCF sneaks in? Yes:

-An Oklahoma loss (either vs. WVU or Texas in Big 12 Championship)

-A Washington State loss (either vs. Washington or in Pac 12 Championship)

-Ohio State beats Michigan and then loses to Northwestern in Big 10 championship.

Could Texas sneak in if that happens? Possibly, but that’s UCF’s path. It’s not inconceivable.