People Are Angry That Duke Hasn't Had A Meaningful Road Win???

Let me get this straight, everyone is mad online that the best team in the country has beat two top ten teams on a neutral court? So this didn’t count?

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People forget that Duke was a number 4 seed at the time and beat the living shit out of the #2 team in the country. I honestly thought they were going to cancel the basketball program at Kentucky because they were embarrassed on a national stage.

Now we move on to Maui and play the #8 team in the country, play a bad game and still win by 6. This team can’t be stopped. They get a lot of shit for playing a bunch of home games before conference play which again isn’t their fault. Teams want to experience playing at Cameron and it usually doesn’t work out well for them. Tonight will be the second top 5 team they play in just their sixth game. It amazes me how many people are still upset that they aren’t playing a true road game, name me any other team that has had to face this great of competition this early in the season. You cant do it and everyone is just looking for excuses because nobody likes when Duke is the best team. I apologize for having the three best players in the world, Oh and the best coach in the world.

So tonight we have #1 vs #3 and this next statement won’t be biased one bit. Gonzaga has been beating up on teams as well besides Illinois which was a close one. Even though] their games are always late as shit, I’ve had my eye on them. The only player that has impressed me thus far is Hachimura. For as long as I can remember people always hype up Gonzaga as they usually play nobody all year and then they disappoint towards the end of the year. Look for them to disappoint you tonight because it is a matchup nightmare for the Bulldogs. I am very excited to hear why Duke beating 3 top ten teams in 6 games isn’t impressive because of the neutral court. The scariest part of this team is that Bolden is playing like an animal. He had 7 blocks last night and I have slandered his name for the past two years because he wasnt living up to the hype. There are so many superstars on this team that there isn’t any pressure on him and he is going to contribute an enormous amount this year.

Everybody please save the excuses and just watch greatness happen throughout the year. It’s nice to watch freak athletes play basketball and belittle other teams. Tune in at 5pm for a 15 point win by the Blue Devils.