Fuck, Duke Lost

This game was insane. Duke was down the entire time game and it was a bullshit ending. Lets start with our outside shooting because it wasn’t there. Our guys need to trust each other and stop trying to just drive the ball every chance they have. They have so much talent on the court so just spread it out.

Cam Reddish didn’t show up tonight as he just had 10 points and was in foul trouble at the end of the second half. Jack White stepped up pretty nicely but he couldn’t hold onto some key rebounds that could have swung the game our way. This is the first time this year they were showing their age and they looked a little rattled when Zaga kept nailing shots. What you need to take from this game is that Gonzaga shot the lights out and Duke still stuck with them and almost had an incredible comeback. I am one person that definitely said they were going undefeated but a loss like this helps a young team. They know this feeling now and they won’t let it happen again.

This game is partially my fault, I didn’t have my game attire on for the full game and I take some responsibility for this. Mark this down somewhere safe, this team is going to win the championship. This isn’t biased at all because the chemistry is there and you see the emotion on the court that they want this shit. I love them and fuck Gonzaga. I absolutely hate that Hachimura guy, he was all over the place and the announcers would not shut up about him.

Lastly that was a foul to end the game. There is no way you don’t call that because these refs were soft the entire game. Also fuck those rims, the Maui board needs to rims, the soft rims won Gonzaga that game. The only positive I can take from this game is that Dukes spreads from here on out will be a lot more reasonable. Go Duke and please send me compliments on twitter because it will be a long night for me. I don’t want to drown myself in Alcohol but it will be appropriate. GO DUKE