North Carolina & NC State Ended Their Season By Throwing HANDS!

Some say this is the most fight North Carolina showed all year!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the 8th wonder of the world are football players who throw punches at guys who still have their helmets on.

The “brawl” was interesting, but I wanted to write this blog more as a remembrance blog for Raycom Sports. With ACC Network launching soon, Raycom Sports telecasting ACC Football games comes to an end (I believe). Gone are the days watching NC State take on Virginia at 12:20 PM in a telecast sponsored by Bojangles. Gone are the days of a red redzone:

Oh, you thought NBC came up with the green zone by themselves? Couldn’t be me. COULDN’T BE ME.

RIP Raycom Sports ACC football telecasts. It was fun.