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All of these games are scary because I feel like I like a lot of these games. Usually when I start to gain some confidence it goes terribly wrong. Lets see how the goes.

1pm –

Giants @ Eagles -4.5

I am all the way back in on the Giants. The Eagles have a shit ton of cornerbacks out and this is going to shake the NFC east. I have been watching the Giants for so long now that they will get my hopes up and lose a bad game later in the season. Also the Eagles are just not good. I am completely out on them as I took them last week agains the Saints and you know how that worked out.

Pick – Giants ML 

Jaguars @ Bills +3

This is the last time I take the Jaguars because I can’t get on the right side of them. The Bills are getting back Allen but he hasn’t played since week 6. He is going to be a little rusty as the Jaguars will pressure him all game.

Pick – Jaguars -3 

Extra 1pm

Bucs -3 


Dolphins @ Colts -8.5

This game is so weird because I don’t think the Colts are that good of a team to be a favorite by that much. Tannehill will be back today as that will help them and they will keep the game close. Andrew Luck is having a hell of a season and I still don’t get why the Colts are playing well. T.Y Hilton is electric but the Dolphins will keep him in check.

Pick – Dolphins +8.5 

Extra –

Chargers -14

Please send positive vibes throughout the day because I am still recovering from LSU. These spreads look easy as shit so I plan on being upset throughout the day. Lets win this shit.