UNC Fires Larry Fedora (For Mack Brown?) & USC Keeps Clay Helton?

Unfortunately for Fedora, a lot saw this coming. 2018 was North Carolina’s 2nd straight 9-loss season. 2018 saw 5 losses within 1 score, but that’s not going to cut it for UNC. I agree with the firing, time to move in a different direction. Rumors are Mack Brown may be coming home:

It was a bad weekend for coaches with six packs:


Less time in the gym, more time in the film room! Let that be a lesson for you!

Never forget Larry Fedora’s comments at 2018 ACC Media Days:

In more surprising news:

Very surprised by this. USC hasn’t lost 7 games since 2000. This was Helton’s third year. My guess is that USC had a few coaches in mind that were very ambitious potential hires (John Harbaugh, James Franklin). They found out those guys had no interest and then decided to keep Helton.

Helton’s seat will be hot next year. Very, very hot.

Last year we had quite the coaching carousel. 2018-2019’s seems to look very quiet. Although, things could get crazy if Urban Meyer decides to retire or Lincoln Riley leaves for the NFL.