Jeff Brohm Ducks Louisville And Is Staying At Purdue, Louisville Fans Burn Jerseys

HUGE news for Purdue. There was a lot of speculation online the past few days that Brohm going to Louisville was a done deal. It’s a tough time to be Dan Dakich, who tweeted this back on November 5th:

Who does Dan Dakich work for? Just a four-letter sports network located in Bristol, CT. No surprise there.

Hell of a come up for Jeff Brohm From XFL QB to multimillionaire. This is still one of the greatest football moments to ever be recorded:

I hate to bring this up, but Louisville is still living through the curse of Papa John. Since this moment:

Louisville has:

-Gone 2-10 in football

-Fired Bobby Petrino, paying him $13,000,000 to not coach their football team

-Ducked by Jeff Brohm, a Louisville alum and native

The curse of Papa John is real. Pray for Louisville.

Seems a bit of an overreaction, but that’s why we love college football, because fans overreact like it’s their job.