Belfast Is A Tournament For Pure Degenerates

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.53.13 PM

Keeping up on day games is tough in this buisness and I forgot to remind Big Cat this morning about the Belfast games. These games though are the things that help people in the cube like it did at my last job. It is a 2 hour break in the middle of your day that you get to engulf yourself into a really bad Marist team.

As you can see from this score, whoever from Dartmouth scheduled this game should be fire immediately. First of all, these two teams aren’t to far from each other and Dartmouth played in San Francisco 5 days ago. They flew across the country and then thought it was a good idea to take the team all the way to BellFast. Also another fact we had was that it is finals week at Dartmouth and only smart people get in there. This isn’t a team where they can take school lightly so the stress factor was very real. For us betting on this game it was great to see that a moron did this so taking Marist was easy. This tournament gets even better as we have two New York teams facing off at 2:30.

This is where it gets even better, by the time most people wake up tomorrow we will have the Buffalo game almost completed. The games starts at 5:30am our time and it is just like the Japanese baseball times, it can really jump start your day. Or it will have you trying to find soccer games to win your money back. This tournament is for all of us to have some action on teams we have no idea how they really are but have to bet on it because it is on TV. For everyone out there in the cube, I have been there before and don’t get caught with the Belfast classic on your screen. You don’t need the company blocking you from day game basketball.