Pooping At Barstool vs Pooping At A Corporate Job

It took me a long time to get adjusted to taking a poop here but I must say I miss the corporate bathroom. When you first start at a new job you never want to be dropping loads and being known as that guy. It is a rough time because you also don’t want to be eating chipotle and playing with fire. There is about 57 people on the 3rd floor at Barstool and only two bathrooms. We also  were just blessed with some spray so things are looking up.

We have a designated shitting bathroom here and it is terrifying because you never know who is waiting outside of it. One time Feits walked out of the bathroom and Big Papi was just waiting to use the facilities. That can really stick with you for the rest of your life and you can’t come back from it. A squatty potty has just been placed in the poop bathroom.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 1.28.59 PM

First of all, pooping with shoes on or a shirt on is a crime. You can’t be getting that stench on your clothes when you come out of there. That is besides the point and when this squatty potty is present I feel obligated to use it. I still don’t understand how people are comfortable with their legs air born while on the John.  I got a little side tracked here but the pooping environment is very hostile because there are desks right outside of it. They get a whiff right when you get out of there and in their head they have marked you as a bad shitter.

Corporate shitter:

I had a system down, I would go into the bathroom four times a day. One time in the morning, right after lunch and then two other times so I can break up the day. The difference of these bathroom visits, to the ones now is that I actually have to go when I shit at Barstool. At my old job most of the time I would be going to the bathroom to hide. I would actually make sure I change up my shoes so people wouldn’t see the same shoes in the same stall every day at the same exact times. There are also better things in a public bathroom like the air dryer. You can do your business while someone is drying their hands and no one will hear a thing. Besides the shitting situation the corporate world stinks.

All in all I take my bathroom activities very seriously. Have some etiquette and going to the bathroom away from home is always an adventure. Not knowing your surroundings is detrimental.