Marty Mush Thursday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 64-62-3 and my god I am struggling. The Belfast Classic helped me out a bit but I need to keep it light tonight so I don’t go down too much.


Warriors @ Raptors -9

The Warriors have been so bad and every time I bet on them they have been losing. Saying that, this is the best value you will ever get this team at. They won’t roll over and die tonight and yes I know Curry, Boogie and Draymond Green are all out but I have a good feeling about tonight.

Pick – Warriors +9 

Extra –

Lakers – 5 


Saints @ Cowboys +7

I have been thinking about this game for way to long and there just has to be one let down game for the Saints. The cowboys have had a new life since Coopers arrived and they are on a little roll. The Saints have been on a roll all season and their offense is unbelievable. I also have been waiting for a let down game from them for about three weeks now. Tonight is the night and were going with the Cowboys +7.

Pick Cowboys +7 

If I win these two games I will be back to betting on a shit ton tomorrow because I always do to try and be up going into the football weekend. Positive vibes people, we all need it. We need to come together as a community and win this shit.