Will Urban Meyer Coach Again? "That's A Complicated Question"

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**Cheesy TV game music starts playing**

It’s time to play our favorite game! Will Urban Meyer Stay Retired?!?!?

Ahhhhhh Urban Meyer, the Brett Favre of college football!

Later in the press conference, Urban Meyer said he is “certain” he will not coach football again:

I believe Urban Meyer is having health issues. Is it curious timing? Yes. Do I believe Urban Meyer will never coach again? No, I do not. Urban Meyer is 54-years old. He’s not done. All his kids are grown up and out on their own. You think Urban Meyer is just going to sit around for the next decade or two without grabbing the headset again? Get out of here. He’s a football guy.

I’m going to make a prediction here: Before 2025, Urban Meyer will become the coach of his dream school, Notre Dame. If this prediction doesn’t become true, I will pay everyone who retweets this $100.