The Hugh Freeze Introductory Press Conference At Liberty Had Tears And Was Very Weird

Blogged this earlier, but in case you missed it: Hugh Freeze is the new head coach at Liberty University. Simply a perfect fit for the ex-Ole miss coach.

He was introduced properly at a press conference this afternoon, and buddy was it weird:

Hmmmmm….Hugh Freeze, a man of faith? Gotta ask those Houston “outcall body massage” parlors about that:

Phrasing! Hugh! Phrasing!

This was the highlight of the press conference for me. Hugh Freeze has a way with words many can’t even comprehend.

College football is a weird sport. It doesn’t have the drama of the NBA (nothing does), but the storylines are often unrivaled. The known bible nut, who got exposed for ordering escorts (through his state-issued cell phone) on recruiting trips, is now being hired by one of the most religious universities in America? College football at it’s finest.

Doesn’t matter, had sex. The story of Hugh Freeze.

P.s. If you want to know a little more about Liberty, their current AD is Ian McCaw, who was the AD at Baylor from 2003-2016. What happened at Baylor from 2003-2016? You can ask Art Briles about that one.