Kliff Kingsbury Went To USC To "To Go Out And Enjoy The Beautiful Women In Southern California"

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In case you missed it: Kliff Kingsbury is the new OC at USC. Why would a single guy that looks like Ryan Gosling want to go to Southern California? To enjoy the beautiful women, obviously:

SOURCE-“I think it will be a great change of pace for him and allow him to enjoy life a little bit and not be so consumed with football all the time. And that’s what I told him. I said, ‘Hey, you need to go out and enjoy yourself, enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful scenery and the beautiful women in Southern California.’”

Can’t blame the guy. I’d do the same thing.

USC recognized that half of Kliff’s appeal is his chiseled jaw and 6-pack abs, so they let their female fans know that Kliff is single in their press release:

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Want to know how you increase donations from boosters? Have your boosters wives happy at the booster events. As they say: happy wife, happy life. Bring Kliff to every single booster event from here on out. While the big wigs golf, have Kliff wine and dine the wives. Those new facilities don’t build themselves, folks.

I’m excited for the Kliff Kingsbury USC experience. It should be fun. Will we have our first coach-cheerleader controversy in years? We’ll see:

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