Marty Mush Monday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 80-72-3 and this is the problem with me, this isn’t enough for me to be winning money. This season has been a struggle. Monday is usually good for me so lets get into it.


Vikings @ Seahawks -3

I went back and forth on this game for awhile now and I still don’t feel confident about it. These two teams have been weird as shit all year. The Seahawks have been playing well lately and their running game has been very good. Kirk Cousin has been abysmal in primetime but this is where he turns it around. This is a due or die game for them and The offense will show up tonight.

Pick Vikings ML


Pelicans @ Celtics -5

I am a big winning streak guy and the Celtics have a five game winning streak going on. They have played some bad teams as they just beat the Bulls by 70. The Pelican have been streaky all year but I just think the celtics pace will outmatch the Pelicans. Anthony Davis will keep them in it but it won’t get them far.

Pick Celtics -5 


Kings -2 

Jazz +5 

Nuggets -2 

The NBA has some fishy lines tonight but looks like I will be falling right into the trap. Positive vibes and Mush to the Moon as always.