Shocker: NCAA President Mark Emmert Doesn't Understand Sports Betting


Today in shocking news, Mark Emmert, the president of the National Communist Athletic Association, has no idea how sports betting works:

Let’s start with the irony. Mark Emmert’s organization brings in hundreds of millions of dollars every year in March. It’s their biggest time of the year in terms of money. Why? Because of March Madness. You know why March Madness is popular? Great basketball from amateur athletes who play for the love of the game, not money! Just kidding, it’s popular because of bracket pools. You know what bracket pools are? GAMBLING. So, Mark Emmert can fuck the right off with this moral take on gambling.


Now to his little league quote. I counter that with a simple reaction: Are we really going to have a billion dollar industry around athletes in college that don’t get paid? Is that what America really wants?


“When 1 of our players misses a field goal, he goes to class the next day, with someone who lost $500 on a bet.” If Mark Emmert doesn’t think this already happens, he is sadly mistaken. Probably not a $500 bet because let’s be real, these are college students, but a kicker has gone to class with kids who have lost money because of him on a consistent basis. This has been happening for decades.

Mark Emmert. The worst.