Marty Mush Thursday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 85-79-3 and the NBA has been an absolute death trap for me. 1-3 yesterday bit we have football on tonight that will get me back in business.


Chargers @ Chiefs -3.5

This is the easiest bet of the week. It’s so easy that I am putting 8.3 units and have never been more confident. Eric Berry will be returning tonight and that crowd is going to erupt. If you think that this team is going to lose after that, get the fuck out of here. Besides him returning, Melvin Gordon is banged up and Ekeler is already out. The only thing that I am scared about is Joey Bosa causig a rucus.

Pick Chiefs -3.5 

Lakers @ Rockets -5.5

The Lakers have been playing very well and the Rockets a jut not a good basketball team. Brandon Knight is out and and primetime Lebron is about to put up 35,12 and 8. He wont have time for the 2 assist because hell be on the bench basking in the win.

Pick Lakers +5.5.

I am going to be honest with you, as I always am…I am in bit of a hole and I really need these games. Send some prayers out and positive tweets my way. This is the only way these will hit.