NFL Saturday Games Are Easy Money

Let me first say that NFL games on A Saturday is a treat that we do not deserve. We have a full slate of college football bowls but don’t let that distract you from the easiest lines of the year. They want us all to go into Sunday with confidence and then lose everything but just take their bait.

Texans -7 @ Jets

The Texans were obviously one of the hottest teams in the league when they went on their 9 game winning streak but it was finally broken up last week by the Colts. You need to buy a half a point and bring it down to -6.5 and put the mortgage on them. The Jets are dead, they played their hearts out to barely beat the Bills and they have nothing to play for. The Texans want to clinch the division and the Jets wont be able to stop them. With JJ Watt and Clowney putting pressure on Darnold all game he will have no answers. I am getting giddy just writing this because I haven’t been this confident in a long time. They won’t be able to run the ball and Darnold will be forced to beat them by throwing the ball and we all know how that will go. Look for the Texans to beat the living shit out of the Jets.

Pick Texans -6.5 

Browns @ Broncos -2.5

I want to thank the Browns for beating who I still think is a good team, the Carolina Panthers. This is forcing them to get some respect which is why the line is so low. Yes I do understand the Broncos haven’t been anything great but they are coming off their worst loss of the year. As Pres always says a hungry dog runs faster and they will be hungry bastards. I already can see baker is a white turtle neck absolutely freezing in mile high and just throwing picks all over the place. The only thing the Broncos have to do is contain Nick Chubb and then they will be on to an easy victory. The only concerning thing is Sanders obviously being out has hurt them in the air but there is absolutely no way they lose this game.

Pick Broncos -2.5 

NFL Saturdays are the best and lets start the first one of the year off hot. I’m scared how much I love these games but fuck it I’m maxing my account on these. Mush to the Moon.