This Is The Reason Why Gambling Can Ruin Lives

I was enjoying a beautiful Saturday. 53 degrees and was even thinking about going outside but I told myself Seton Hall looks juicy, lets jump on that spread quick. I know this happened a couple of hours ago but I just finally calmed down and was able to write this. My hands are still shaking as we speak.

I had a lot more to say but this was in the heat of the moment as my brother ran away when this happened. I went ballistic and had to go outside to calm down because you can’t make any of this us. People are chirping saying I lost a $15 bet, lets stop with that because the first think I did was take a picture of my stair master and put it on craigslist. In hindsight I should have blogged this first but this was my livelihood. This video was obviously a dagger but so much went into this horrific loss. If you have been gambling for awhile, with about a minute left you started to feel something bad was going to happen. Rutgers was fouling all the right people, Miles Powell a 82% free throw shooter and other guards who I trusted. Then the asshole announcer decides to open up his stupid mouth before the free throw and yeah he missed it. After watching the tape several times, one of these fucks had to know the spread. Three guys met him at half court which mean two guys are wide open but nope you can just take the ball my uncle Ronnie has you guys +6.5. This is causing stress that I don’t need and after I put the stair master on craigslist, this caused me to put in so many more bets that I cannot afford. Please pray for me during these tough times and I don’t wish this upon my worst enemy. I deserve a win.