Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa To Order Stuff While Owners Are Gone

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Source -A parrot has fallen in love with his owner’s Amazon Alexa — but keeps using it to order shoppingSo far Rocco the African Grey, from Didcot, Oxfordshire, U.K., has demanded treats such as strawberries, watermelon, raisins, broccoli and ice cream. He has also ordered a kite, light bulbs and even a kettle.

This little sucker is changing the game. He knows exactly what he wants and is using his voice to his advantage. This is where i have a problem though, I can’t be having my bird out smarting me. This is the only thing I will ever be able to be the boss of so if he is outsmarting me I have no chance in this world. As I read this story he doesn’t know shit because he started ordering a kettle and what bird needs a kettle. What a moron.

Rocco likes to dance too and tells the voice-activated device to play favorite tunes. Sometimes they are slow numbers, but he generally prefers rock.

This is where I am getting sick of Rocco. I don’t need him slow dancing in his cage while I am watching day game basketball. My birds purpose on this earth is to rally my teams back to victory, not singing tunes and taking my gambling money out of my pocket. All in all i respect the move to try and get as many treats as he can but I just can’t be having that in my house.

 Birds are on the map now though, you can’t go wrong with having one around. They do some crazy shit, mine gets me in trouble all the time whenever my mom is home. He has my voice so sometime my mom thinks it me yelling for her. Having two of my voices in one house is torture. Even I can’t listen to my bird all day.