Urban Meyer To Teach Course In "Character & Leadership" At Ohio State During "Retirement"


You may think I’m punking you as you read this article, but to my knowledge and what I’ve read, this is 10000000% true.

SOURCE-Urban Meyer says he plans to stay connected to the Ohio State University after coaching the Buckeyes for the final time in the Rose Bowl on Jan 1.

In a one-on-one interview with 10TV’s Dom Tiberi, Meyer said he will be co-teaching a character and leadership course at Fisher College of Business at Ohio State.

Meyer also said he plans to work with Athletic Director Gene Smith in some capacity after his OSU coaching duties conclude.

We are living in a bizarro world, Jerry! A bizarro world!

Can’t wait to see the rate my professor comments on Urban as a professor. At this point we don’t know what the course is named, but we do know some of the class material. In a classic college professor move, Urban will be making his students read his own book: