Duke Plays Like Shit, Still Wins And Still Covers

For most of the game Duke was shooting 11% from three and Zion Williamson was in foul trouble. Texas Tech came out strong and played them tough throughout the game. You can tell the Blue Devils just couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives. Key players came up in big spots and this is why this team is the best in the country.

There are only two players really worth talking about and that is Tre Jones and Jack White. Jack was definitely a name that I didn’t think would have a big impact put he showed up tonight, hit some threes and came down with big rebounds. With Zion fouling out late in the game he needed to step up. Tre Jones though holy shit he was unstoppable. You would turn your head and he would steal the ball and create a fast break. Having eight steals is unheard of and he is exactly like his brother and maybe even better. I think he is hesitant to shoot because he has so many weapons on the court but tonight was different. RJ was struggling a little bit and Cam Reddish has been absent all year. Tre took over starting to driving the lane and and his presence was known. Also Zion is the best in the country and his intensity will always be there and get Duke going.

I have to give credit to Texas Tech and Jarret Culver. Dropping 25 on Duke is impressive no matter what and he was on fire. They also were crazy bastards getting in front of Zion and taking a charge. The same ref was a piece of shit and kept calling charges that was clearly a block. Besides that they played with them the entire game and they are a very good team but not even close to as good as Duke. They played a terrible game but this was a huge step for them. Oh and they covered. My +400 Duke winning the championship may be the easiest bet I have ever had.